How To Install Windows 7/8 From USB Flash Drive

How To Install Windows 7/8 From USB Flash Drive
Bootable USB Flash Drive
Hello friend! How are you? I hope you are very well. Today I will show you how how to make a bootable USB flash drive. If you want to make it please follow my bellow procedures.

Frist insert USB drive into the USB port.
Open command promote (CMD) and type diskpart then press Enter now will open a new window.
In the new window type "list disk" then press enter.

Now type "Select disk 1" then press enter. Type "Clean" then press Enter -->> Type "Create Partition Primary" then press Enter -->>  Type "Select Partition  1" press enter -->> Type "Activepress enter -->> Type "Format fs=NTFS" press enter -->> Type "Assignpress enter -->> type "Exitpress enter.

Now insert your windows 7/8 DVD into the DVD drive. Now think your DVD drive letter is "E" and USB drive letter is "F".

Now go to the CMD window then type "P: CD BOOT Ges CD BOOT" and press Enter then type "BOOTSECT.exe /NT60 Q:" press enter.

Now copy all files from your DVD and past into the USB flash drive. That cause your USB flash drive will be bootable and now you can install windows 7/8 from your USB flash drive.
[Note: These tricks will work for windows 7, windows 8 and windows Vista. It does not work on windows xp]

+Md. Manjurul Islam Rubel 
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