Remember To Save Your Internet Mail

If like me you use Google Mail Gmail, and you will receive important mails, it would be wise to think about backups from time to time.
Why? Because there is a universal rule to be applied in computing: what is important data!
I do not think all Google servers will burn tomorrow (including backup servers ..) but suppression awkward arrival soon ..!
I want to remind you that YOU are responsible for YOUR data on the Internet. So it's up to YOU to do your backups.
How to save Google mail?
I present the software GMAIL BACKUP. As its name suggests, this software will allow you to save and restore your Google mail. It is available for Windows and Linux .
I encourage Windows users to download below:

The installation is very simple: " next, next, next ... "
Save your emails with Gmail Backup
Here the user interface of Gmail Backup:
To save your Google mail, fill in the form of software:
1. Gmail Login : Enter your Gmail email address.
2. Gmail Password : Enter the password for your Gmail address
3. Backup Folder : Click " Directory ", then choose where mails are stored on your computer beings.
4. Since Date : Enter the start date.
5. Before Date : Enter the end date.
Mails will be saved between its two dates.
To organize, I suggest you save a month after the other.
And create on your computer, a record month.
You will find it easier when you want to restore some mails.
6. Finally, click on "Backup" to start the backup!
Restore your emails with Gmail Backup
To restore your mail with Gmail Backup:
Enter your email address and password in Gmail Backup.
Then enter the location of mail files on your computer by clicking the " Directory ".
Then click the button "Restore" to start the restore. Mails in Gmail will be restored.
Restore your emails with a manager mails.
When your messages are saved on your computer, they have the extension ". eml" .
This extension is understood by software managers mails type " Thunderbird "and" Outlook Express ". Simply drag. Eml file in your inbox and messages appear!
In case Google's servers really burn ... 
Good backup at all, and see you soon! . +Md. Manjurul Islam Rubel 
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