How To Hide A Drive From Your Computer (Without Any Third-party Software)

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How are you? Hope you are very well.  There are many software is available for hiding any local drive. But there are too expensive for us. Some people use crack /patch for that software but any crack/patch software is not reliable for us.

Anyway today I am going to show you a simple, easy and new way, how to hide any drive from your computer without any third-party software. If you want to hide your computer’s drive just follow my bellow procedures.

Right click on my computer-->Click Manage--> Now will open a new wizard which name is Computer Management. From the left side click on Disk Management. Now from the right side chose any drive, which one you want to hide from your computer. Now right click on that --> then click on Change Drive Letter and Paths…--> Now you will see a new wizard and here is three options (Add, Change, Remove). Click the Remove button then click Yes. Close the Computer management wizard. Now go to my computer and see your one drive is vanished.

If you want to show your drive, right click on my computer --> Click Disk Management --> Now right click on that drive which one you have to hide. Click Change Drive Letter and Paths… --> Click Add --> Then click OK.  Now close the Computer management wizard and go to my computer and see your drive is there which one you hide before. Enjoy yourself…….

Video Of  This Tutorial:
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