The advantages of SSD HDD

The advantages of SSD HDD
The advantages of SSD HDD
Anyone who has ever wanted to buy a hard disk and in front of a full shelf stand in the electrical business, is to know how many different hard drives there. This raises the question of where exactly is the difference between a hard drive and SSD.

At first glance, is actually just the price a real difference. Users can get large hard drives already for some Euro, SSDs, however, some cost more. But why is that?

The disk as a cheaper mass storage
For the IT industry is the hard disk mass storage, which is hardly to be compared with another. In recent years, the hard drive was almost unchanged and was further developed in only a few points. (cf. 1 HDD 200 kilos) The largest development point was actually in the area of the memory or the extension thereof. Experts will know of course that there is still a lot more changes were, for example, in the buffer memory.

No matter whether it is an internal or built to an external hard drive, it is and remains an affordable alternative to other storage media. Can be used the hard drive really for all common memory files, regardless of whether this is a movie or a few games. On the hard drive is no way around, it is needed in all fundamentals.

The advantages of SSD
SSD is the way for solid state disc and hard drive despite existence has some distinct advantages. From the hard drive, the SSD is fundamentally different. Already in the construction, there are differences. The hard drive consists for example of individual mechanical components, the SSD, however, consists of Flash memory chips.

Flash memory devices have two major advantages to a lack the mechanical components, thus the SSD enables silent work. Secondly, the SSD is much more robust than a hard drive.
Another advantage relates to the energy needs of the SSD, it requires much less energy than a normal hard disk. A further and very important advantage is the speed of the SSD. The speed could be compared to a flash memory, a good SSD has incredibly short access times and a fast reading speed.

This in turn leads to great advantages for the user. Great Start programs much faster and Windows will boot much faster and more effectively. So that users have not only some advantages in terms of robustness, but also what the speed suffers.

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