What Is The Difference Between Netbook, Notebook And Ultra Book?

What is the difference between Netbook, Notebook and Ultra book?

The computer world is full of terms "complicated", which can sometimes confuse the user. A great example is when it comes time to buy a laptop and we are faced with expressions such as netbook, notebook or ultra-book. But after all, what are the differences?

What is the difference between Netbook, Notebook and Ultra book?
Netbooks are laptops with small dimensions and low cost. These computers are used for little tasks "demanding" such as browsing the Internet or reading emails.

Advantages of Netbooks:
·         Small and lightweight, and easy to carry;
·         Reduced price;
·         Batteries have a good autonomy (usually).

Cons of Netbooks:
·         Performance very limited;
·         They have no drive CD / DVD.

2. Notebook
The Notebook (often called laptop), is the traditional laptop. The notebook has a capacity of superior processing the Netbook, ideal for those who need a laptop but do not want to lose processing capability.

Advantages of Notebook
·         It has a larger screen;
·         It includes a CD / DVD drive (usually);
·         Greater processing capacity;
·         More storage space.

Ultra book
The Ultra book is a laptop thinner dimensions and with a screen smaller in general (up to 13 inches). In general, an ultra-book has a very high performance. One of the most interesting features of Ultra books, is having an SSD drive that you guarantee a much higher performance computers with traditional hard drives (mechanical). One of the problems of owning such a fine computer, is the absence of an optical drive CD / DVD. In Ultra book also not expect many inputs for connecting devices (such as USB ports).

·         Powerful hardware;
·         Thin computer;
·         Good battery life;
·         Lightweight computer and easier to transport (compared to traditional notebook);

·         The price (for now);
·         Optical drive of absence.
·         Few "doors" input devices (USB);

What is your opinion?

What kind of laptop you prefer? It's because? Share your opinion through comment. Thank you.

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