New Features Of Microsoft Windows 10

New features of Microsoft Windows 10
New features of Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft has its users long left in the dark when it comes to a new operating system. With the latest operating system Windows 8.1, Microsoft had lost many followers, because it was a complete reorientation necessary to reach equilibrium with the tile optics. Developers and graphic artists had to listen a lot of customers and fans.

Now Microsoft has however taken the step and the new Windows 10 brought to the market. This striking changes were carried out not only in design. A change will be many users are interested, they bet riff the tile menu. Is it still there? More equal!

That has changed on Windows 10
The main issue for many users is certainly whether the tile menu remains or if Windows something has come up even heavier. Basically, users can already breathe easy because the Start menu is back. Visually, Windows has the start menu on the previous Windows oriented 8 and the design of Windows 7 and a mixture of both areas introduced.
Changes have made ​​sure the menu is automatically increased when using a tablet, but we connected mouse and keyboard, the menu again behaves classically.

In addition, Windows has sought to make working with the Apps. Take consumer apps from the Windows Store, this behavior is now the new Windows 10 like ordinary programs. This also works, of course, much easier and more user-friendly again. Represented the apps on the desktop, which is customizable in size and design course.

New Screen Layout
Microsoft has in its new operating system a bit more varied than just the looks. For example, there is now also a new enhanced screen layout and quickly switch between open applications, Microsoft has now also made ​​possible.

Furthermore, it is known that Windows 10 now wants to surprise its users with multiple desktops. Whether Windows 10 with its App-renewal and its improved user conditions consumers now can convince again can wait.

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