How To Block A WebSite From TP Link Router

How To Block A Web Site From TP Link Router
Hello friend!
How are you? Hope you are very well. Every company has some employee whom browse some websites out of companies work and that companies top management don’t want that types of employee. If you are in a renewed biggest companies, IT officer you need to block that website which sites are not good for your company.

Today I am going to show you how to block a specific website from your TP Link router. If you don’t know how to do this, please follow my bellow procedures.

At first open your browser then type in the address bar “” then press Enter.
Now browser ask you for the user name and password.
Please enter the user name and password. The default user name and password is “admin”.
From the left side click on Access Control.
Click on Target.
From the right side click on Add New
From the ModeOption select Domain.
In the Target Description box write something about that website which one you want to block [Example: YouTube].
In the Domain Name Box write domain name [Example:].
Now click Save.
From the left side click DHCP.
Copy IP Address from the Start IP Address and End IP Address.
Now click again on Access Control -> Host.
Click on Add New.
Make sure Modeoption selected is IP Address.
In the Host Description write description about blocking site [Example: YouTube].
There are two box in the LAN IP Address, first box for Start IP Address and second box for End IP Address. Now past your copied IP address and Save.
From the left side click on Rule.
Click on Add New.
Enter the rule name [Example: YouTube]
From the Hostand Targetselect YouTube.
Click Saveand check mark on Enable Internet Access Control and Save again.
Your job done. From now you can’t access YouTube from your network.
Thanks to all of my friends,
Md. Manjurul Islam (Rubel)

Video Of This Tutorial: 

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