Defragment partitions

Defragment partitionsDefragment partitions

If you work on computers a lot and create and copy data is automatically fragmented your hard drive. The result is a slow expectant PC, especially in data accesses. Remedy defragment. The more files you create, move, or delete, the messier, the arrangement of your data on the hard drive. In a fragmented partition a large file is stored in several pieces. When you load the plate in these cities must then be controlled sequentially, what really cost performance. 

That's why you should defragment regularly. You can find the defragmentation under Programs Accessories System Tools. Select one of your drives, and then click Verify. You will receive a recommendation, whether defragmentation is worthwhile. But even when Windows is not advised to defragment Of course you can start the process - cleverly then when you are not working on a PC. The process is a bit of the time during a meeting or lunch break.

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