New generation of lithium battery will double its efficiency

New generation of lithium battery will double its efficiencyNew generation of lithium battery will double its efficiency
New batteries with carbon shell can double the capacity of current batteries without the need to increase its size.

Current technology cannot wait for batteries that are more energy efficient. Each device launched on the market (tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.) require more and more energy due to the resources available.

Everyone wants more, only battery power is less than expected. And put batteries in most lithium-ion batteries in these devices would be disproportionate and would also cause an overload in weight.

Fortunately the Stanford researchers are researching and developing a new lithium battery that can last much longer. The technique allows the battery to be denser, with more electrons due to a nanoscopic carbon shield that keeps stable chemical. Something that does not happen in the current batteries that "haywire" and quickly has its reduced load, especially after a certain amount of refills.

Steven Chu calculates a smartphone with this type of battery could could hold two to three more times . And the automakers could manufacture electric vehicles even more efficient and cheaper.

It's too early to say when these batteries would be in the market, but it sure would be appreciated if the final price is not exorbitant, since currently smartphones can withstand an average battery charging day bringing discomfort to users who have to stay reloading -the often.

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