Windows 10 is now available for download and update free

Windows 10 is now available for download and update free

Windows 10 is officially launched today without much fanfare and is being highly anticipated by users who did not like the Windows 8.

As we mentioned earlier, the Windows 10 final version RTM build was officially launched to the public today, on 29/07/15 and is now available for download or upgrade for free.

Who has Windows 7 or 8.1 genuine and activated can upgrade to Windows 10 without paying anything. But should be aware that this update will be free until the 28th and July 2016, ie, you should decide whether to spend your current system to the new version within 1 year from today.

How do I upgrade my Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10?
In the notification area of ​​the Windows taskbar (icons that are close to the clock) should appear an icon with the stark white of the Windows symbol.

Double-click this icon and a window with information about the update for Windows will appear.

Now just click on the "Book your free upgrade" button and wait.

How to know if you upgrade from Windows 10 is being downloaded?
From the moment you click "Book your free upgrade" nothing seems to happen on your computer and no download bar is shown.

This is why you booked the update and it is downloaded on demand and bandwidth availability in the Microsoft CDN networks, which must be crowded in the early days of the update.

But to know when the update is beginning to be downloaded, simply open the Explorer (press the Windows key on the keyboard and E) and activate the option to display "Files, folders and hidden units" for this:

Windows 7: Click "Organize" and then "Folder Options and research." On the "View" look "Hidden files and folders" and check the "Show files, folders and hidden units."
Windows 8: Click "Windows (C :)," then on "View" and check the "Hidden Items" option.

Accessing the C: drive (Local Disk (C :) or Windows (C :)) a directory called $ Windows. ~ BT "or" $ Windows. WS ~ "should appear. This means that Windows 10 is being downloaded and soon must update your system. If not, you must wait your turn, because Microsoft is available for all gradually the system. 

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