When do Blue Screens?

When do Blue Screens?
Blue screens appear due to hardware or software problems. COMPUTER BILD summarizes the reasons that make Windows adopted:
  • Most driver problems cause blue screens. Drivers are control programs for devices such as printers, video card, webcam. If there is a faulty or even a wrong driver on the PC, there are problems.
  • As a producer but also malicious software an option, for example, a virus.
  • Occasionally provide software error that Windows becomes unstable and then crashes.
  • Defective components in the PC, such as the memory, forcing Windows sometimes also in the knee.
  • Are graphics card or processor too hot, also the reason for a blue screen might be?
  • Deceptively real blue screens come from the Blue Screen Screensaver, a free joke program designed to scare other users. To exit Spooky, by pressing any key on the keyboard.

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